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           Piperidine Series
           Pyridine Series
           Piperazine Series
           Plant growth regulator
           Protected amino acids
          About Us
          We locate at “Su-Xi-Chang Region”with developed economy of Yangtze River Delta.It's east is international city-Shanghai,The west is Nanjing.The company is built in 2007,through years of efforts and society support,Now we have good enterprise image and technique level.

          We cooperate with organic chemical Dr. of China Science Institute, specializing in researching、producing chemical and pharmaceutical interdediate,we have established very good cooperation with clients of domestic and overseas.Our aim:base chemical,expand enterprising.We insist the principle of changes to adapt changes,quick to adapt quick and honoring contracts and keeping promise,proceeding step by step,increasing continuously,work hard to provide the top-grade product for the world medicine.
          The main products:piperidine compounds;Intermediates Series;Amino acid Series;Piperidine piperazine Series;Plant growth regulator series etc.

          The products pass MS;NMR;HPLC test,We provide the clients the best quality productws and services.

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